Thursday, September 23, 2004

Mr. Consistent - 15th Win

His ERA has been up dramatically the past three years, yes. He has been losing his touch the last few years, yes. But he has won 15 games for the last 17 years running, quite remarkable. Greg Maddux has been the most consistent pitcher of the modern era for the last 17 years. He switched from the power-hitting Atlanta Braves last year to a less powerful Cubs line-up, and he has made up the difference. Remember when he was going for his 3ooth win? He had a string of very well pitched games lasting 8 or 9 innings? Remember the string of complete games he put together? He didn't do that last year. He was able to pitch 6-8 innings and get away with a win due to the success of Marcus Giles, Chipper Jones, and Gary Sheffield. This year he still pitches for a good-hitting team but he has been a much better pitcher.


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