Saturday, September 04, 2004

Sidney Ponson - Worthless or not?

Sidney Ponson and the 3rd place Baltimore Orioles embarrassed the $190,000,000 Yankees for the second time in a week. Ponson, a very unreliable ace-pitcher, threw a 2-hi, complete game, shut-out in Yankee Stadium today. The Yankees lost 7-0. Sidney Ponson has been very streaky and shaky this year. He has had marginally success but when he has had success it has been big time. His numbers as a winning pitcher are completely different than those of his season numbers. Most pitchers' season numbers will not be too drastically different than their winning numbers, but Ponson is an exception. I've taken the time to pull out his numbers when he wins and compared them to his season numbers.
(10-13) 5.37ERA 5CG 2SHO 182.2IP 223H 116R 109ER 19HR 6HBP 59BB 102SO
(10-0) 1.80 ERA 4CG 2 SHO 75.1IP 55H 15R 15ER 3HR 19BB 40SO

Pretty staggering, huh? My point is that Ponson has the talent and the stuff to be an outstanding pitcher. He just has to put the pieces together and he will be. Send him to the famed Leo Mazzone for a month and you may have next year's CY Young winner.


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