Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Vintage Moose

As much as I hate the stinking Yankees there are a couple of players that I am a fan of. Mike Mussina is one of them. He was an Oriole, but Peter Angelos treated him wrong and he took the job that he didn't prefer, he wanted to stay in Baltimore. Mussina has had troubles left and right this season, whether it was delivery or health, there has almost always been a problem. Tonight Mussina returned to form and unfortunately gave the Yankees another win when the Red Sox lost. He pitched 8 innings, yielding no runs on three hits. This is the Mike Mussina who led the 1996 Baltimore Orioles wire-to-wire. This is the Mike Mussina who made us groan in the post season year after year. He really is an outstanding pitcher but has had more than his share of problems as of late. This is a badly needed shot in the arm for the beleaguered Yankees' staff.
Hopefully Moose will return to form and sign with a better team when his next contract comes up...doubtful.


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