Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dirty-Cheating Yankee Scum

If you have watched any sports television show or picked up any sports-section in any newspaper (except for maybe the NY Times) then you probably know about the Bush-League play by Alex Rodriguez. Yes, it was A-Rod, the man who only wanted to win, but still the owner of the largest contract in Baseball. He is a cheater and dishonest individual exposed in the most humiliating of ways, losing to the Red Sox on national TV. A-Rod broke one of the most important rules in the MLB rule-book that is essential because it insures safety for the players on the field. He sissy-slapped, interfered, grabbed or anything else you would like to call it, Arroyo’s glove because he was a dead duck at first and he was losing. He was “surprised” that the umpires came together and called him out for interference which effectively killed a Yankee rally. Alex was never remorsful, apologetic and all he did say was "I guess I should have just run [Arroyo] over." And I thought he was decent person.

Oh, and A-Rod really needs to stop wearing white-batting gloves.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger MPH said...

Funny...I saw this site the other day..

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous Mike Boehm said...

Yankees Suck.

Yankes Cheat.

Always have.

Always will.


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