Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Big Unit - 4,139 Career Strike Outs

Last night Randy Johnson broke two records. He passed Steve Carlton for 3rd on the All-Time Strike Outs and coincidentally, 1st for lefties in that category as well. This is the second time this season that Carlton has been passed on the All-Time Strike Out list, the first time was by Roger Clemens a couple of months ago.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Ageless Wonder

Roger Clemens has a better record and a better ERA than last year. Last year he retired. This year he came out of retirement for one last hurrah for the home team. Clemens has pitched brilliantly this year and did so again tonight. The Astros, who fell back out of the lead for Wild Card, beat their division leader/rival, the St. Louis Cardinals. Rocket Roger now holds sole possession of 11th all-time in the wins column and continues to climb that ladder. He has brought a second ace to the Astros rotation and has helped to pick up the slack from the Pettitte injury. Hopefully the momentum from this evening's win will carry the Astros on another winning streak and they can make a last surge for the wild card spot.

Vintage Moose

As much as I hate the stinking Yankees there are a couple of players that I am a fan of. Mike Mussina is one of them. He was an Oriole, but Peter Angelos treated him wrong and he took the job that he didn't prefer, he wanted to stay in Baltimore. Mussina has had troubles left and right this season, whether it was delivery or health, there has almost always been a problem. Tonight Mussina returned to form and unfortunately gave the Yankees another win when the Red Sox lost. He pitched 8 innings, yielding no runs on three hits. This is the Mike Mussina who led the 1996 Baltimore Orioles wire-to-wire. This is the Mike Mussina who made us groan in the post season year after year. He really is an outstanding pitcher but has had more than his share of problems as of late. This is a badly needed shot in the arm for the beleaguered Yankees' staff.
Hopefully Moose will return to form and sign with a better team when his next contract comes up...doubtful.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Francisco Arrested

As a result of last night's incident in Oakland, Frank Francisco was arrest for aggravated assault, a felony. He is currently out on $15,000 bail. This could play out to be much more than ever expected. I wonder what happened to the fan who instigated all of this? Perhaps he should have charges pressed against him as well.

The Fighting Showalters...Literally.

The Rangers finally lived up to ESPN Baseball Tonight's nickname last night. Apparently Texas Rangers Reliever Frank Francisco and Doug Brocail wound up in an altercation with a fan last night with a fan sitting very close to the Rangers dugout. Francisco threw a chair into the stands but missed the instigative fan and unfortunately hit the woman sitting behind. The game was delayed while the argument was settled and it was announced that if a fan came onto the field the game would have to be forfeited to the visiting Rangers. The fall out of this should be interesting...its been a while since a player threw a chair at fan.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Baseball and Politics

I thought that it was very interesting that so many Baseball owners are in such strong support of President Bush. I guess it shouldn't really be that surprising considering he was a candidate for the commissioners' post at one point. It seems a little risky to be showing such strong support for the president, although the potential campaign boost this may bring would make things worth it. I have put an excerpt from the ESPN article:

"More than a dozen current and former owners and family members are among the
president's top re-election fund-raisers, an Associated Press review found.
Seven are Bush "Rangers," each raising at least $200,000, and six are "Pioneers"
who have brought in $100,000 or more. The Bush campaign has also received direct contributions from owners and executives of more than half of the sport's
30 teams, the AP analysis of Federal Election Commission reports found.
Those include $2,000 contributions from owners George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees, Fred Wilpon of the Mets, Carl Pohlad of the Minnesota Twins, Peter Magowan of the San Francisco Giants and Michael Ilitch of the Detroit Tigers."