Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dirty-Cheating Yankee Scum

If you have watched any sports television show or picked up any sports-section in any newspaper (except for maybe the NY Times) then you probably know about the Bush-League play by Alex Rodriguez. Yes, it was A-Rod, the man who only wanted to win, but still the owner of the largest contract in Baseball. He is a cheater and dishonest individual exposed in the most humiliating of ways, losing to the Red Sox on national TV. A-Rod broke one of the most important rules in the MLB rule-book that is essential because it insures safety for the players on the field. He sissy-slapped, interfered, grabbed or anything else you would like to call it, Arroyo’s glove because he was a dead duck at first and he was losing. He was “surprised” that the umpires came together and called him out for interference which effectively killed a Yankee rally. Alex was never remorsful, apologetic and all he did say was "I guess I should have just run [Arroyo] over." And I thought he was decent person.

Oh, and A-Rod really needs to stop wearing white-batting gloves.

Its About Time..The Red Sox Return to the WS after 17 Years

Wow…I don’t even know where to begin. The playoffs have been sensational. Unfortunately my hometown team lost in 5 to the Astros, but the Red Sox, as all of you know, stunned 56,000 Yankee fans last night. The ALCS and NLCS have been the best championship series that I have ever witnessed.

The Boston (never fail to disappoint in the postseason) Red Sox made the most remarkable recovery in the history of this wonderful game. After getting their buts kicked in three straight they turned the tables after 1:00 AM Monday morning for good. The first three games showcased nine ice-cold Red Sox hitters who finally kicked into high gear with a 3-0 deficit. The Red Sox won because the team gels well (unlike the Yankees), the team has fun playing baseball, and the team has heart. The Yankees are an assortment of stars who put an “I” into team and approach every game with the expectation to win (due only to $191,000,000). The Red Sox approach a baseball game with fun and energy that is absent from the New York line-up.
It is inevitable that the New York Yankee’s payroll will exceed the $200,000,000 barrier as a direct fall-out of this series.

I cannot imagine how humiliating it was for Joe Torre and the Yankee’s front office to see such a colossal amount of money play so poorly. $25,000,000, in the form of Kevin Brown and Javier Vazquez, gave up 8 runs to the Red Sox before that game was to the 5th inning. $54,000,000 in the top 3 spots of the batting order failed to collect more than 1 hit in 9 innings last night. But man was it sweet. The Yankees are owner to now a second horrific record (in the same year, the first being 22-0 loss to the Indians) that they wish would never see the light of day. The own the biggest choke in Baseball History. So much for many of the Red Sox’s failures in the past, and so much for the 1969 and 1971 orioles getting stunned in the World Series. The Yankees can now claim the worst loss in Baseball.

I will write again after the conclusion of the “forgotten” NLCS.