Friday, August 26, 2005


Or rather Lloyd McClendon and Dave Duncan (the instigator). This fight was really over something stupid and its just another issue that will give baseball a bad wrap.

The Post-Gazette reported that Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan asked Pirates reliever if he had purposely thrown high and tight to the Cardinals' Hector Luna the night before; Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon then yelled at Duncan to stop talking to his players, and things escalated. Duncan and Pirates hitting coach Gerald Perry appeared to be restrained by teammates.

Now why does Dave Duncan feel the need to ask? And why does it even matter? I didn't see the previous game in which this pitch was throw but why in the world must he ask? Most pitches are thrown for a purpose. Look at Roger Clemens...he doesn't get his sparkling ERA from pitching nicely. He's notorious for coming in on players (which some people think is wrong) but that is how you pitch, you move people off the plate or you send them a message, so that your next pitch will have a greater effect. This is plain stupid. Duncan should be suspended and fined for his sheer stupidity.


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