Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Hunt for October

It is quite conceivable that this year could be down to the last game to determine the post-season participants. Actually I take that back, it seems that it WILL go to down to the very last game. The NL Wild Card is currently between the Houston Astros and the NL East. It may be late enough to bury the Mets (who are about to start a 4 game series against St. Louis) but they're really still within striking distance. The Astros have two series against the Brewers, which could potentially be a post-season spoiling team. The NL East has been beating itself up, well except for the Braves. The Braves swept the Mets in a 3 game series while the Marlins and Nationals traded blows, and the Phillies were swept following two Billy Wagner blow saves. The Braves seemed poised to take the Division Pennant again but the rest is still up in the air. It is possible that the Braves could be the worst team in baseball down the home stretch and not make it, but I don't think anyone, with the MVP year Andruw Jones is having, will even give it a second thought. The best scenario for the Braves would be for the Marlins to take the Wild Card. Their pitching is perhaps the best chance to beat the Cardinals because its only a 5 game series. However the Astros seem to be on a roll, with Pettite, Clemens, and Oswalt on such a tear lately. However...Clemens' back is bothering him worse than before, Pettite's health is in question as well. The Astros need these two pitchers to make quality starts all the way down the home stretch or else they will fade like so many teams (METS) have. It very well may be the most exciting finish that most have seen since the wild card was introduced.


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So how come no one is talking about this hitting phenom in Phoenix?


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